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DayBreak Lavender Farm
Faces of DayBreak:  grace, joy, energy, compassion

Real beauty has a thousand million faces. And no age limit!!

Lots of those faces love DayBreak's compassionate Earth commitment and our natural, effective products. We're all about real ... and beauty that is authentic, healthy and life-affirming.

So what you read here, what you see here, are the real stories that are the many faces of DayBreak Beauty!!

Linda in Ohio

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I now have great skin!!

I was blessed with good skin. Since using your 5 piece Rhassoul system I now have GREAT skin! My best friend Gail introduced me to this system. She shared a piece of Rhassoul and the Prairie Oat soap.

I was so impressed with the results the first time I used them that I immediately ordered The Rhassoul Core 5-Piece System. Every winter I search for a product that will not leave my skin so dry and flaky. I finally found what I was looking for. Trust me this is all I will ever use on my skin. My skin is not dry, especially the delicate area around my eyes.

Every winter I struggle with splits on my fingers and feet. I have dry delicate skin. Once again Gail came to the rescue and gave me a gift of the Superb Healing Essence. She thought it would be a good product to try and sooth my hurting hands. It worked! I use it every single day to keep the splits and dryness away. I've had eczema on my hands most of my life and winter time is especially hard on my hands. The cracks on my heels didn't take long to heal after using this product. This is a fabulous product that I won't be without.

Thanks to my friend Gail for introducing me to Kathy Dixon and The Daybreak Lavender Farm. Gail and I are planning a field trip to the DayBreak Lavender Farm Boutique in Streetsboro. We're very exited!

Linda in Chardon, Ohio.

Deborah in Illinois

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I had the DayBreak glow!

I luv my Daybreak products! I must share my ahha moment.

My husband and I were invited to join my sister and other family members for dinner at Wishbone. We were celebrating the first Wedding Anniversary of my niece. It was a busy Sunday and I found myself rushing to get out the door. My husband, of 34 years would probably describe the scene as typical E2 - me rushing while he waits patiently.

Anyway, just as we approached the restaurant, I sighed. No, I panicked. I forgot my face! Meaning, I totally forgot to put on any make-up. Yikes!

My first time having dinner out with my niece and her husband without my face! What do we do? Go back for my face or scramble to a nearby mall to buy make-up losing the available parking space?

James looked at me and said "You look fine. Your skin doesn't look ashey or dry." I pulled down the visor to assess the situation in the mirror and that's when I realized, I had it. I had the Daybreak glow.

I looked okay without make-up! No, not just okay, I had my face – with Daybreak not with make-up. Wow, we enjoyed a lovely Sunday dinner. Not one comment or question from the family asking about my lack of make-up.

Whew! I'm from a big family and we don't hesitate to ask if something doesn't look right (LOL). I'm still enjoying Daybreak. So much so, that I had to become a Daybreak Personal Care Therapist. The products deliver noticable results.

I'm getting nice compliments. I really enjoy my morning and evening Daybreak experience. Thank you so much for these awesome quality products and for the opportunity. I'm so excited!

Deborah E., Chicago, Ill.

Hope in Ohio

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I just love the feeling of my skin being super clean.

I'm so happy that I accepted the DayBreak invitation for a free skin profile! I was having problems with constant acne breakouts, blackheads and large pores and I really wanted to be able to get rid of my acne scars and smooth out the tone of my skin.

I was surprised at how extensive the profile was-mine was five pages long! ALL about me!! All advice was specifically for me and my problems! The Rhassoul ZitZap system was recommended and I can't believe what a difference it has made in my skin. I saw results in just a couple of days and the first time I used it, I just loved the feeling of my skin being super clean.

My pores have shrunk, the blackheads are gone, my skin is even-toned and smooth and you can't even see any acne scars any more. Oh-and no more zits!

I'm really busy with college and work and my skin routine is very easy now. It only takes a couple of minutes to use the system and I save time in the morning because I don't have to worry about covering up with makeup. I use just a little bit and I'm ready to go.

No more of those acne systems advertised on TV! DayBreak's ZitZap system really works!

Hope S., Dublin, Ohio

Phyllis in Philly

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I'm confident I look pretty darn good at 48. And Daybreak did it!

A few years back I came to this site and ordered tons of stuff! I loved all of it. But the Rhassoul was always my favorite...with the POM. It was my morning routine. I got so many compliments, and sent so many people to Daybreak that I can't remember all of them.

But over time, I slacked off my Rhassouling. When I got engaged I came back. Why? I had noticed my face not feeling as, well, young. And I wanted to look perfect for my big day. So, don't stop your routine ...EVER! Not good! So, I went back to my Rhassoul and when I got married a year ago, my friends and family kept telling me how good I looked at 47. It was a beautiful day, and I felt so pretty.

Somehow Rhassoul, gives me this feeling of just being prettier. My skin feels soft, less lines and wrinkles, age spots are disappearing....again. Like I said don't stop using it!! They will come back of course, and I just didn't think about it would happening, and won't let that happen again... Lesson learned.

Daybreak is "LOVE" for my skin and I won't stop, ever again!

Over the last year, my regimen has evolved. I also just got my Plump It Up a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you.....this stuff is awesome! I just love it. It has made my, already great looking skin on my face, look even better. It is great also for my elbows and hands. There IS nothing like this stuff. If you need a moisturizer on your face it is so ... right. It is not too heavy either. Also, my POM Body Moist is the bomb! I love this smell, and it is so lucious on my body. (Hubby loves it on me). Hope I can say

Oh, I tried things years ago that promised me the moon as far as looking my best. Disappointed every single time!! Don't waste all your money girlfriends...I'm serious. Those promises are, in my opinion, we say in the South. Lol. I just wanted you all to know I'm so pleased.

Here is my "LOVE" for my skin. I start with Rose Toner, followed by the Rhassoul/POM combo polishing in the morning. Plump It Up after that. No need for a lot of make up after that for me...but the Plump It Up is great for an under makeup moisturizer.

In the P.M. I spray on a little Rose Toner and use only the POM on my face without the Rhassoul. I follow at night with the Plump it Up again. (Plump it Up has also helped with my dry hands and elbows). Every Sunday night I use the MicroCrystal Refining Cream exfoliating scrub. I love to use the L'Orangerie Versailles when I "need" to smell that scent on me, and ALL AROUND ME.

When I want a good all-over body exfoliation I use the Rhassoul Loofah ( three times a week). Also I've been using the dry brush every night. It's great! For a body moisturizer I use the... forever... favorite of mine: POM Body Moist.

Also very often when I go out, I sprinkle on a little of the Lust Dust in Sandalwood. OH is a heavenly scent and people follow me and ask me what I have on. Kewl !!!

Recently, I found out Chris, my husband, was stealing my Rhassoul Well he now has his own. Plus, I treated him to the Mysore Sandalwood soap, the Sandalwood Shave Bar, AND the Sandalwood After Shave Mist. So he is set. And he loves it all!! But he's still working my Rhassoul Loofah!! Well, what's love if you can't share your loofah with a guy???

Phyllis in Philly

Carrie Before

Carrie Before

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"My story is simple to tell, but agonizing to live through."

My story is simple to tell, but agonizing to live through. I have suffered from acne for the majority of my life. Since the age of fifteen, I have had breakouts. When I say breakouts, I mean large red pimples--the kind that hurt when you rollover in your sleep, the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night, pimples. Of course, early on it was normal. I, like so many of my peers, was going through hormonal changes and most people thought it was the normal passage through life. It became more than that. Through my twenties, and now into my thirties, I have continued suffering from agonizing acne.

For the last ten years, I have caked my face with makeup, bought every anti-acne medicine over the counter, and seen numerous doctors to try to control this problem. From Proactive to Murad to prescriptions, nothing has transformed my skin to that of a normal thirty-something year old. I have tried diets, spreading toothpaste on my face, baking in the sun, whatever I had heard or read about to combat my problem. Nothing seemed to work. I would go through my day trying to not think about how my face looked to others. It was impossible, and everyone always had an opinion on how to help me get rid of the awful mess that was my face. My ego became just as scarred as my face. My only option at that time was to go on a very strong drug called Accutane. The problem with that medication is that the side-effects are so severe. I could not put my health through the side-effects that this drug would cause. What else could I do, but just give up hope on ever having clear skin?

DayBreak Lavender Farm new Rhassoul ZitZap System came to my attention through my mother. My thoughts were, great--here goes another product to get my hopes up and then fail. It was a slow begining with this new product, and honestly, I did not put too much thought into it. But as the the weeks went on, my skin actually got better. I could not believe it--something was working! As time has gone by, my face feels great, it looks great. No more rolling over in pain in the middle of the night. I actually can leave the house without makeup and feel good about myself. The freedom of not having to conceal my face under globs of makeup has been the greatest gift. I can now wake up in the morning and look at myself without disgust. The freedom and hope that this product has given me is indescribable. Suffering for over twenty years from unsightly acne can not be summed up in this letter. The effects of freedom and beautiful skin, skin that I have not experienced in over twenty years, words fail to descibe. I had given up ever feeling beautiful and natural. I have found hope, and I suggest that anyone who suffers like I did, should try this system. It is life changing and it works!


Jack and Ben

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DayBreak and the Kids!

Hi, my name is Jack and this is my little brother, Ben. I'm three and Ben is 1 1/2.

I've used DayBreak since I was born and my mom got the Babies Luv stuff. She really liked the Luv Dust a lot.

Sometimes I get eczema and the Shea Butter Stix fixes me up so it never bothers me now. I use it all the time. Well--except when Ben ate it. It doesn't have any bad stuff in it so it didn't hurt him. My mom had to get more.

Now we give Ben popsicles instead.


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DayBreak Made My Life & My Skin Healthy & Happy!

"Health and Happiness" is what I have taught my 6 year old daughter to wish for before anything else. It's better than being "Sick and Sad"!

I discovered Daybreak through a mineral makeup forum in 2004 that was talking about a little piece of brown soap that was amazing. The review was so tempting I just had to try. It was the ever popular Rhassoul and POM soap duo. To my amazement it did what it had claimed to do and I was telling all my family and friends about it. It had made my skin look like it did ten years ago!

So I decided to try more products from Daybreak. The next item was the Extra Shot of Moisture Body Balm & Whipped Shea Butter. There's NOTHING like it anywhere. I had given some as a gift to my sister in law in Las Vegas because she was always complaining about her dry skin. She called and told me my brother is stealing it from her and where can she get more!

About a year ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 40 years old and I thank my lucky stars that it was caught early and I was able to be treated. Having Daybreak products around has made my life and my skin "Happy and Healthy"! And the FORUM was a godsend to be able to talk to some pretty special "angels" who held my hand down the path to recovery. I will be forever grateful :)

During my healing stage I used Only Face Feed, Healing Essence, and Shea Butter on my radiation site. And having started hormonal treatment I noticed my face was getting dry...... But not anymore since I use Only Face Feed. This is a miracle in a small bottle I swear by it! I wish that it came in a bigger bottle. I've recently started using Pore Seal and Protect and Plump it Up and will add these to my holy grail. On other days I alternate with the Frankincense and Pure Unrefined Emu Oil. I get so many compliments on my skin all the time and I especially owe it to Daybreak for making products that work and don't put toxins into your body. This for sure will keep you "Happy and Healthy"!

Thank you Gramma K , OLJ, and Jody for being my "angels. May you always have "Health and Happiness" in your lives.

Michelle in California


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"Timeless!!" Say Classmates at my 20th Year High School Reunion

When Kathy invited me to be the face of DayBreak for April, I didn't think I really had much to share, because my story isn't all that dramatic compared to the wonderful experiences related so far.

Then, I attended my 20-year high school reunion, and was told repeatedly how I hadn't changed at all. One classmate declared me to be "timeless." Not sure about that, but it was certainly nice to hear.

I realized my improvements have been more gradual, and I probably didn't have horrible skin to begin with. However, a recent cleanout of my bathroom vanity revealed to me just how much things have changed.

One of the long lost items at the back of a drawer was a box of those drugstore variety porestrips ... you know, the oh-so-attractive super-adhesive white paper one places over their nose, presses in, and hopes will sucks all the blackheads out onto its sticky surface. Ah yes, did that process make me feel attractive! The strips did work on me, but it was an unpleasant ritual. So if they worked, why were they at the back of the bottom drawer? Because, thanks to Daybreak and this wonderful stuff called Rhassoul, I don't need them anymore!

There ARE no blackheads to remove because the Rhassoul and Almond Cream two-step ritual prevents them from forming. Added to that pleasant discovery, I recalled how a bump near the bridge of my nose, where my sunglasses rest, has also disappeared; what I thought was a permanent formation has become a flat and untraceable area.

I realize now that in the three years since I discovered Daybreak and invested in the Rhassoul Core Five-Piece System …
• My skin texture has improved
• My oily/combo skin has settled into what I would actually call normal (for the first time in my life)
• Acne occurrences are greatly reduced
• Old scars have diminished or disappeared, and
• Blackheads and enlarged pores are almost non-existent in appearance.

What was settling in as mild Rosacea has also become greatly improved, if not entirely gone - depending on season and exposure. I have sensitive and fair Irish skin, and have found that the Gentle Rhassoul formula is the better cleanser in my routine. I also learned that the less I treated my skin as if it were oily, the less oily it behaved. Daybreak has helped me achieve the right balance.

I am so grateful to have these products as part of my regimen, and look forward to more happy, glowy skin in the years to come.

April in Michigan

P.S. Several weeks back, I turned 39. I have now officially stopped counting. If my face doesn’t tell, why should I? LOL

Susan - before
This is me the morning after my first application, prior to cleansing my skin again.

Susan - after
This is me today,12 days later!!

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12 days later and I have my roses 'n cream complexion back!!

My skin has always been beautiful but temperamental. In my teens, I had oily skin (that I've only now begun to appreciate) and a brief period of stress induced cystic acne. In my early 20's my fair skin took on a lovely rosiness that in my 30's turned into rosacea, which was painful and weepy.

I had tried a prescription of Metrogel and number of expensive skin care lines to keep my face in shape but nearly all of them aggravated the rosacea or made my skin terribly dry and flaky. This fall, I had come across Rose's plight story and I could relate with her issues with her skin. I read about her trying the Calmez Vous system but I was not convinced that it would work for me.

Just after the holidays, I filled out the skin profile link for an evaluation, which I received rather promptly. I was surprised at how thorough it was. Money was tight, so I asked Kathy if she could design a program with a limited budget, which she did.

It took me another month before I got the guts up to purchase some of her recommendations; I guess being perpetually disappointed in other products left me such a skeptic. Between that, and my husband's request that I finish off the bits and pieces of other regimens before spending any money – my skin was so puffy, inflamed, red, quite hot to the touch, rather achy and I'd broken out into painful weepy sores on my nose and cheeks. While the desert is rather pretty, you don't want desert dry skin on your face.

I did finally buy the Calmez Vous system, as well as the Pure Bliss Goat Milk Bar and the Plump It Up. The day I received the package, I was so excited! That night, I did the regimen and actually thought that perhaps the cool water after the Rose Petal, Sencha Green Tea Infusion was what made my face less hot. Of course, that first night I put WAY too much of the Soothe & Sof'n Serum on my skin because it felt so good.

At night I cleanse using the By U/For U because it feels so calming on my skin followed by the Soothe & Sof'n Serum and a few dots of Face Feed. In the morning, I use the Rose Petal, Sencha Green Tea Infusion, followed directly by a cool shower where I use the Rose and Rhassoul Gentle Oat Cleanser while conditioning my hair and directly after the shower I use the Soothe & Sof'n Serum followed by a quick spritz of the Chill and Protect light moisturizer.

It is now one and a half weeks later, and I have my roses and cream complexion back! I wish I would have just thrown the other stuff away and done what I wanted, but it really doesn't matter. I'm so pleased with my skin and how lovely it looks, my Husband has commented on how impressed he is with the Calmez Vous system too. My skin feels like fine silk.

I cannot believe how quickly the system worked for my sensitive skin. The extrovert in me wants to walk up to people who are (obviously) having some of the same painful skin reactions and give out samples.



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"You smell so GOOD!"

I'm not exactly a scented soap/lotion kind of guy so when my wife began to bring home Daybreak products I didn't pay much attention. However, she knows what a problem I have with dry skin. I'm a weight lifter and jogger and that translates into a lot of hot showers. Not a problem in the summer but by the end of November my back is so itchy I can't stand it. By this time of year, my skin looks like a wrinkled paper bag. That leads to a winter of misery.

But not this year. She bought me a jar of shea butter-Deluxe Creme de Karite Intensive Shea 5X Body Moist. (Obviously, I just had to go look at the jar to write that all out!) It brings instant relief. And then, the best thing of all. She bought me some Dry Skin Solution soap and put it in my shower. I didn't even notice that it was something new. But after using it for a week I said, "What is this stuff? It's wonderful!" The dryness was gone and I wasn't itching anymore.

My wife also knows that I have cuts on my hands a lot from gardening so she bought me a tin of Healing Essence. It works like a charm and I think it would be great for shaving cuts. Since it's obvious from my picture that I don't shave, I haven't tested this out personally, but this stuff will heal a cut or scratch overnight-no kidding.

I think these Daybreak products are a god-send and I would recommend them to any man-or woman-with really dry skin. In the summer I also like the scented man-type soaps but just because my wife follows me around the house saying, "You smell so GOOD!"

Mike in Willoughby Hills, OH



Rose's progress just keeps getting stronger and stronger!!
This picture was taken about 8 weeks after the one above.

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Thank you DayBreak for giving me my face back!!

I used to have healthy, good looking skin.
After the birth of my first baby I developed Rosacea. For the first 6 years it was only a mild annoyance…I didn't even have flushing. I was able to control the few small flare-ups each year with my prescribed Lotrizone and a face cream.

After my 4th little guy, multiple triggers surfaced. Over the last year a 1-inch square red patch became permanent. Then it quadrupled and eventually my whole face was affected. My skin became severely dry with bright red sore patches. Assorted different sores would surface. Touching it hurt. Smiling hurt. The area around my eyes was swollen with sores and getting worse while the rosacea was spreading up my nostrils. Flare-ups were lasting for days and I'd have only a day or so of looking better before I'd go downhill again. Even sitting in the shade on a mild day would be enough to trigger a flare-up.

I completed a few whole body cleanses and worked with my nutrition, added flax seed oil and increased my water intake. I do believe those were helpful and saw slight improvements…but I couldn't get my skin to heal. My husband and I were hesitant to try Daybreak's products as we had grown quite skeptical at this point and were weary. I'd also had some bad reactions from various products I'd tried. Some good friends decided I needed to try Daybreak's products and my face hasn't been the same since!

I completed a Skin Care Profile (click here for yours) and Kathy guided me based on my answers and made recommended Calmez Vous to calm and heal my face. She recommended some additional products that would be complimentary to the Calmez-Vous system. I followed Kathy's advice and have my face back again!

I've been using the Calmez-Vous System for 8 weeks now and I couldn't be more pleased! Upon using the system I felt immediate relief from the dryness. The swelling and inflammation started reducing within a few days of using Calmez-Vous. The By-U, 4-U Facial Oil feels so good. It's just a relief to smooth it on and it leaves my skin feeling better. In fact, now when I feel my skin tingling with irritation and the onset of a flare-up I use the By-U, 4-U Facial Oil and it calms my skin down and the flare-up is stopped at that point.

I follow that with some Calmez Ultra Lite Spray Moisturizer or 8-Hour Hydration Perfection and my face feels a lot better then it did before. I use the whole system at night and I look forward to it. I go to bed with my face feeling nourished and it isn't drying out overnight either…the Soothe 'n Sofn Anti-Inflammatory Serum sees to that! Each element feels so good. Once in a while I eliminate a step as I'll feel my skin doesn't want that one that day. I'm becoming more and more in tune with the products and how my skin reacts.

In the morning I wash with Pure Bliss Goat Milk Bar and use 8-Hour Hydration Perfection. I wouldn't have thought the soap would be so important. I wash away the sleep then use the 8-Hour. I feel nourished for the rest of the day. Oh! As a byproduct my hands are now very soft! After a month I started using the roll-on Face Feed and have seen another increase in improvement in my skin! My tone has since improved even more.

My face isn't perfect yet. Some days I'll have some rashy splotches or a red spot here and there. I flush at times and I feel the heat. But, I now recover fast. And, the flares don't last very long. I'm now hearing "Rose! Your face looks great!" instead of the hesitant glances and "What happened?" I'm so pleased at the progress that's been made! I look forward to seeing what next month will bring!

I'm addicted to Daybreak and will not run out of my face products! I tell everyone how wonderful Daybreak products are. My sensitive Rosacea skin is so much happier now. Thank you Daybreak for giving me a natural wonderful product that has given me my face back!!

Rose in Sacramento, CA


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If you're a Mom with an active youngster, listen up!!

Sports can actually spur breakouts. Increased hormone levels produce more zits. Meet Jake. He's 16, plays baseball and football. And Jake's Grandmother started him on DayBreak to keep his skin clear.

When we asked Jake to share his DayBreak experience with us, this is what he texted to us:

"Day break products have made my life so much easier. i use so many soaps and creams from them. i have gotten so many comments about the products i use from my friends and have told my friends about them and they love them too.

i use the japenese charcol soap the most because it makes me smell good after a baseball or football practice. i also use zitzap to keep my face acne free. another thing that i used was the scar cream for when my chin got a bad cut from after a football game and from my knees and legs getting banged up from baseball. i have used the mint and vannila soap because it smells really good.

i love these products. i tell everyone i know about day break and when i let them see and use the products for themselves they fall in love with them too."


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"I WAS a DayBreak 'backslider'" Says Betsy!

But now, at 53, she's back and glowing like a college sophomore!!

I used to use my regimen faithfully, then ran out and neglected to reorder it. In August of 2007 I reordered what I had used previously- the Rhassoul, Almond Cream soap, the Only Face Feed, Rose Petal Toner and Only Pore Seal and Protect. I was frustrated with my skin, because I knew it could be better. It HAD been better while using DayBreak! I also added the Calmez Vous system because my skin is sensitive and touchy. The combination of all these products has made my skin glowing, soft, calm and younger looking. I can and do go without foundation on most days!

I am devoted to DayBreak for many reasons. I love using a holistic, healthy skin care regimen. All of the products compliment each other. One can use the products to perfectly suit one's own needs. I am learning to read what my skin's needs are, and it often changes. With these products, you're never without the solution to any skin problem. My daily routine is fast, but I try to not hurry it, because it's a little zone of tranquility in my often hectic day! And better yet, I get that peace twice daily each time I take care of my skin. And honestly, it doesn't hurt that people without fail always are amazed when I tell them I am 53 years old. I think they're being kind when they say I could pass for my mid thirties, but I'll accept it graciously!

I am a big believer in drinking lots of water, eating healthily, moving the body, having love in your life (it gives you that glow!), being a blessing to others, and superior skin care. As for the skin care? I am back with DayBreak to stay, never to wander again.

I also love DayBreak's LoveLight candle lotion, the perfume Enfleurages, the Vodka Splash, Body Silk, Hydration Perfection and the Extra Shot of Moisture Body Balm. Let me not forget the Rhassoul shampoo bar and Honey, Hemp and Hops Hair Explosion shampoo bar. Both give my long hair a lot of shine and body and I am not using anything harmful on my hair or scalp. I love the lavender scents, but I have an undying devotion to the Mysore Sandalwood. It is exquisite. Don't be afraid to try the Vetiver-Sandalwood fragrance range- it is a sexy, smoldering scent that is equally good on women and men.

I am an all DayBreak all the time lady now. I am too enamored of the quality, beautiful natural fragrances, effectiveness and just pure joy in using my collection. I'm grateful I followed my instincts and this 'backslider' is back- for good!

Betsy Spotsylvania, Virginia

Kirsten T

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"Forty? And you don't have a SINGLE wrinkle!"

"Do you mind if I ask how old you are?"
"No, I don't mind. I'm just shy of 40."
"You don't have a SINGLE wrinkle! What do you use on your skin?"
"DayBreak Lavender Farm. It's all you need."

The Calmez Vous System with an occasional Microcrystal treatment keeps my sensitive, reactive, acne-prone skin clear, radiant and wrinkle-free. I'm a very busy person, but my DayBreak regimen takes just a couple of minutes a day. It's easy to fit in, and the results are so worth it.

Of course, there are also the body soaps, and the Vodka splashes, the Lavender Mint Salt Glow (my favorite!). There's something for everybody and every body. Don't just give DayBreak a try - dive in and DO DayBreak.

If your skin is different from mine, let me create a DayBreak regimen that's perfect for YOU. Just visit and tell them I sent you.

Kirsten T. in Texas

Kathy D

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Nothing but DayBreak touches my skin

Little did I know when, on a whim, I bought a bar of soap with an intriguing name, "Rhassoul Complexion Polish", that it would not only change my face, but also my life. The first time I used this ugly brown soap I couldn't believe the difference in my skin! It was tighter, glowing, and--well—polished! I shared chunks of this magic with others—I couldn't stop telling the world! Then I discovered the whole array of DayBreak skin products and my face hasn't been the same since.

Nothing but DayBreak touches my skin and I'm still amazed at the compliments that I get from complete strangers. I needn't say more - take a look at my Great-Gramma face!

Kathy D. in Ohio

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