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Sea Buckthorn – Let’s Just Call It Heal-All!!

Sea Buckthorn Berry

The Sea Buckthorn Berry gets its name from its tendency to grow near the sea, and from the many spines or thorns present on some buckthorn species. Sea Buckthorn grows in various regions of Asia, Europe and North America and is planted in masses to prevent soil erosion due to the extensive root system that develops rapidly.

Sea Buckthorn reaches far into history and parts of the world.
The Greeks were the first to recognize the benefits of the Sea Buckthorn berries 1,200 years ago. The berries are mentioned in China, and Tibetan medical texts around 1,000 years ago. The Sea Buckthorn's reach to Russia, the Ukraine, Europe, and finally into the British Isles.

Sea Buckthorn Berry has been used as a popular remedy for skin irritation, sunburn, wounds, inflammation, gastric problems, coughs, and mucous membrane disorders.

• The high concentration of some rare fatty acidsand cartenoids are thought to be the cause of the healing effect Sea Buckthorn has on such skin problems as burns, dermatitis and eczema.

• Sea Buckthorn Berry extract is a powerful antioxidant, thanks to its very high vitamin C, carotenoid, and phenolic content. As a result of the powerful antioxidant levels, its ability to protect against aging of the skin and the effects of environmental pollution has been noted.

• Sea Buckthorn's capacity for natural resource protection, its berries contain more than 100 different kinds of nutrients and bio-active substances including vitamins, fatty acids, free amino acids, etc.

After a wicked burn where I applied our Only Face Feed, my experience shows me that Sea Buckthorn Berry really speeds cell regeneration, and thus also aiding in the healing of wounds, and restoring skin tissue. In addition, Sea Buckthorn Berry extract oil proven effective in the treatment of skin conditions including skin ulcers, cancer, acne, psoriasis, exzema and dermatitis of various forms.

We use only the very finest Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 Extract from speciality suppliers in China. A CO2 extract is more expensive because the vitamins in the plant material – berries in this case – are gently coaxed into a fluid to preserve ALL the wonderful bennies for our skin!! Distilled Sea Buckthorn Berry would have only 10% of the vitamins of the rich CO2 extract.

My research shows that Sea Buckthorn Berry experiments in Shantow Tropical Disease Hospital and the Shanxi Pharmaceutical Research Institute indicate that skin care products formulated with Sea Buckthorn Berry extracts can actually improve metabolism and retard skin maturation, thus slowing the aging process. They believe this is due to the high vitamin payload of Vitamins A, C and E. And Russian cosmonauts are reported to use its oil for protection against radiation burns in space. Not having been with them I can’t vouch for this use.

But boy can I vouch for all-around healing, toning, dry line reduction, tissue regeneration and anti-scarring properties. I do call it Heal-All!

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We love, trust and believe in our natural approach.
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