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DayBreak Lavender Farm


lavender fields in bloom

Designated by the 125 General Assembly of the Ohio State Senate
as the First Lavender Farm in the State's History

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Lot's of folks ask me how I got started in lavender. The answer is that there are things in life you can't explain and they are usually the things you love the most. For some unexplainable reason I just love lavender. Oh, I have a lavender history. I grew it on my balcony when I lived on the 6th floor overlooking the East River in Manhattan. And like the song says "if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere!!" And the minute I moved to Ohio, I outlined all my rose beds in lavender. Then I bought a farm so I could plant a serious lot of lavender. And then I married a canoe builder who become a lavender lover so we could officially launch the first lavender farm in Ohio's history.

Why do we love lavender? Maybe it's because lavender is an independent, rugged, hardy little shrub that asks little, gives a lot and keeps coming back despite freezing winters and blazing summers. Maybe it's because lavender is as much a culture as it is a plant. And maybe it's the Yankee in us ... lavender is just so darn useful!!

Lavender has long been recognized as the flower of devotion, and we are devoted to both the lavender and organic lavender farming.. We grow over 13 different Angustifolia and Lavindin lavender varieties organically and we believe lavender is "the Swiss Army knife of herbs" because of its versatility.

Lavender has enjoyed a variety of sensual and practical uses throughout history. Lavender is decorative both in the home and outdoors, and makes a marvelous addition to the garden - deer and gophers being the rare species who don't care for it!

Lavender essential oil is amongst the top ten most important essential oils in the fragrance industry despite its relatively recent entry into the world market in the late 1920's. And it is one of the most complex with over 100 molecular constituents! Major lavender producers are France (with 90% of the world market) followed by Spain, USSR & Yugoslavia. Ohio is a distant 73rd!!

Lavender is nature's fusion of beauty, fragrance, calming, uplifting and healing properties, and has been a perfume industry staple for many years. In addition to its well-known power to promote relaxation, combat insomnia and soothe aches and pains, lavender is also effective in dealing with more serious ailments, such as migraine headaches

We grow two main types of lavender with several different varieties of each one.

True lavender- L. Angustifolia ... True lavender needs little introduction as to its uses. In general, the predominant effects are seen with the oil's sedative action. InFrance, true lavender is often reserved for use with emotional/stress related problems with spike lavender or lavandinbeing the oils of choice for physical disorders. True lavender is a precious and relatively costly oil.

Lavandin- L. x intermedia ... When comparing spike lavender, true lavender and lavandin, it can be seen that the hybrid possesses a chemistry that reflects both 'parents'. Thus this oil makes an ideal addition to the aromatherapy first aid kit for every day minor physical problems.

Depending on the lavender variety, the oil is either closer to spike lavender in its application (e.g. Abrial) or to true lavender (e.g. Super). Grosso is rarely used in aromatherapy as the majority is produced intensively (with shortened distillations and using the vert broye method) for the fragrance industry. All varieties are well tolerated by the skin.

We grow our lavender simply, organically. DayBreak organic lavender gets no help at all. We don't fertilize, add any synthetics of any kind. Each year we add a handful of organic lime and construction sand to each plant. The lime sweeten's the soil to keep the lavender smiling and the sand reflects the sunlight and inhibits any mildew or spores from forming. Michael says "Our lavender has to be tough because it's out there all by itself!"

Because Lavender can be used for a variety of applications we call it "the Swiss Army knife of herbs" -- it is an invaluable enhancement for home facial, body, bath and spa treatments. Here at DayBreak Lavender Farm we make over 80 different kinds of luxury, all-natural spa quality soaps, scrubs, creams and balms ... and we offer 10 different lavender soaps alone!

All our lavender goodies are created from Jody's original recipes and handcrafted by Michael in small batches from the finest "fair trade" ingredients sourced from around the world. Our philosophy is "Exquisite lavender lavishly used."

For classic lavender soaps, if you want to breathe fresh cut lavender, inhale our Fresh Cut Lavender collection! For a spring floral lavender, you'll inhale our Lavender Lilac. And for a "sheets blowing in the wind" kind of clean, we purely love our Lavender Mint collection.

Outfit your home spa with our Lavender Collections which are as beautiful as they are aromatic!! Our Lavender AromaSoaps fill your bath, shower or spa with a beautiful cloud of incredible lavender scent. De-stress with our Lavender AromaBath Stress Melts. And nourish your skin with our divine Lavender Body Silks, Extra Shot of Moisture Body Balms and Enfleurage de Parfum solid lavender perfume. We even make Lavender Lust Dust ... our talc-free, arrowroot body powder!!

And lavender is the essential for homekeeping. Spritz towels and linens with our Fresh Lavender Vodka Splash. Try our Lavender Beeswax Fine Furniture Polish & Feed, Lavender All-Purpose Surface Cleanse & Freshener or our Lavender Dryer Bundles. Pop one of these lavender sachets in your dryer for 10 minutes and sheets and towels emerge scents like the lavender fields of – well – DayBreak Lavender Farm.


In November of 2004, we received official notification that after combing Ohio's Historic Archives, DayBreak Lavender Farm was declared the first lavender farm in Ohio's history. Lavender is not supposed to grow here due to the harsh and often wet winters. But it is. We are working very hard to nuture it. And we are very proud and grateful to share with you the news. It is a small slice of history we occupy but it is ours ... and yours because you are as much DayBreak as we are. Here is the proclamation we received from the Ohio Senate.




On behalf of the members of the Senate of the 125th General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to extend special recognition to the DayBreak Lavender Farm as the first lavender farm in Ohio.

The DayBreak Lavender Farm is deserving of high praise. Jody Byrne and her husband, Michael Slyker, have been growing lavender organically on their fourteen-acre farm in Streetsboro since 2001, and from that cash crop, they create handmade natural soaps and other bath and body products that are marketed to customers in the surrounding area. The farm has earned the gratitude and appreciation of many satisfied customers and the community, and we applaud the owners and their employees on their tremendous efforts.

Agriculture is the backbone of this state's economy, and it is truly encouraging to know that the future of Ohio agriculture lies, to a large extent, in the capable hands of conscientious individuals such as Jody Byrne and Michael Slyker. We are certain that in the years to come, the DayBreak Lavender Farm will continue to display the same unwavering commitment to excellence for which it has become known.

Thus, with great pleasure, we commend the DayBreak Lavender Farm on its accomplishments and extend best wishes for ongoing success.

Senator Doug White
President of the Ohio Senate

Senator Kimberly A. Zurz
28th Senatorial District

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