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DayBreak Lavender Farm
Lavender Lilac

lavender lilac

I have such happy scent memories of lilac trees blooming in the spring (tra la!). A tall bush by back door. And close to favorite swing. Bountiful bowers of lilacs ... never single blossoms but generous abundant bloom that signaled spring.

But those sweet, delicate, clouds of lilac bloom came and went so fast! They never seemed to last long enough, did they? They scented our springs and were gone ... leaving us wanting so much more!! Now, thanks to DayBreak's exclusive Lavender Lilac scent you can have this gorgeous fragrance in your bath and in your home all year! Plenty of rich, heady Lilac tempered with just the right amount of Lavender ... this fragrance is the perfect balance between floral and herbal!! In The Language of Flowers, Lilacs stand for "love's first emotions" and as members of the Olive family lilacs are hardy and reliable. No wonder we have loved the sweet and happy lilac so well and so long!!

A good lilac can be elusive -- but this one's the real deal. Our Lavender Lilac soaps are just scrumptious with it, but equally lilac are our AromaBath Stress Melts, Vodka Splash! And Oh, how you lilac lovers will swoon at our Lavender Lilac Extra Shot Of Moisture Body Balm. Being good to yourself never smelled so good!!

See details Lovelight Body Candle

DayBreak's LoveLight: The Soy Soothing Body Candle is an ultra fragrant hand-poured body candle in an 8-ounce travel tin with a see-thru Lucite lid. Light it ... let it burn a bit and you will have a pool of exquisite Soy Soothing "Candlotion" that is massaged right into the skin, leaving it s...

See details Massage Lovers Mini-Kit & Lovelight

End skin hunger! Reach out and touch someone!
Dig this! While all our other senses -- sight, hearing, smell, and taste -- are located in specific parts of the body, only our sense of touch is found all over the body. Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something about the importance of to...

See details Scent of Two - A Lovelight Body Candle & Enfleurage!

And the perfect compliment is our Enfleurage De Parfum. This is a solid parfum - in a wonderful slip tin - in an exquisite formula that dates to Roman times - and later used in French perfumery ateliers - when the essences of flowers were coaxed into beeswax, the medium for fragrance. And yet ...

See details Vodka Splash - the Ultimate Mood Tonic

The perfect spritz for body, mind, or pillow! Relaxes & reinvigorates - an instant reviver, refreshing the environment and the senses.

See details Spray-Lo

Wrap your body from head to toe
in Silky Quik-Dry Spray Lotion!!

See details Enfleurage de Parfum

Guess what? We've improved and enriched our Enfleurage and folks are asking: Is it skin care or is it perfume? Well, it's both. You see, we've infused the blend's Jojoba Oil with the wonderful 3-C botanical blend of Comfrey, Chamomile and Calendula. And because we are health and well-being obs...

See details Body Silk with honey Creme Complex. Alcohol-Free. 100% Biodegradable.

Nourishes & protects. Guess who loves our Body Silk? Gardeners, quilters and teachers ... folks whose hands that crave a little skin-loving TLC!

See details Arrowroot Lust Dust - A Super-Soothing, Cooling Smoother

You are going to be sooooooo touchable!! This unique absorbent body powder is all glide with healing arrowroot famous for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

See details Ultimate Shower Experience

We're celebrating DayBreak's Shower Revolution System! Meet the hottest duo since Batman & Robin, the New, All-Natural, revolutionary two-phase system that will do more to silkenize and hydrate the skin on your body than you ever thought possible.

See details Aromabath Stress Melt, Handcrafted, All-Natural Bath Salts with Essential Oils

For all skin types and stress levels, these bath salts are a pressed blend of shea butter, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salts and essential oils that condition the bath water, soften the skin and deliver an aromatherapy treatment.

We love, trust and believe in our natural approach.
DayBreak's mission is to increase the use and respect for our herbal and botanical pharmacopeia in all aspects of our lives. The information you find here is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. Our statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. If you have any questions, or if a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The testimonials on this website are from happy, satisfied DayBreak customers but we are all individuals and thus we can not guarantee the same results.
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