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DayBreak Lavender Farm

Complete 5-Piece Rhassoul System

Here's how to use the five Rhassoul System products together.

Cut your Rhassoul bar into 6 cubes and store 5 in a brown paper bag. They will last a year if you don't start sharing them with friends, we call that “Soaping it forward!” Cut your complexion bar, the Prairie Oat Mint or Almond Cream, in quarters. Use the extra pieces as sachets in your linen closet or lingerie drawer; both are great fragrances. Use the soapkeeper we include with your order or just stick them in closets. Don't place soap in airtight bags or baggies … handcrafted soap needs to breathe.

This is unique with DayBreak and so logical I don't understand why this isn't the way everybody approaches cleansing. If you have to tone after you've cleansed, something is wrong with the cleanser. We use toners to get the most out the Rhassoul cleansing routine. So, first, remove any surface accumulation, dead dry skin cells, excess oils and debris by swabbing your face with our Rose Petal Toner. Make sure to use only 100% cotton pads. Synthetics are too harsh.

Now wet your face AND neck. We often overlook our neck but not with The Rhassoul System. Working with your chunck of Rhassoul directly on your skin – no wash cloths -- divide your face into sections (forehead, right side, left side, chin, neck). Now, with moderate and comfortable pressure, working in small circles with your chunk of Rhassoul, cover the entire face and neck 4-10 times, changing directions with each pass. Rub it gently and directly all over your face and neck in upward motions and keep doing that until you have created a thick, creamy lather. It might be helpful to put some water in your palm to get started or boost the lathering process. Use a light touch, but do use the rhassoul directly on your skin. No washcloths. You want all Rhassoul's minerals to get in there and polish!! Allow the lather to rest for 30 seconds. Do not rinse.

Now wet the piece of Prairie Oat Mint or Almond Cream, lather it up between your hands and apply that sudsy lather directly to your skin. Gently wash the entire face until the two lathers are blended, about 15 to 30 seconds.

Because I'm extremely aware of how my skin changes from week to week, season to season, all our regimens feature a wonderful flexibility. If you have a time of sensitivity, say in a dry winter or hot summer, just reverse the order of the lather applications. Apply the Prairie Oat Mint or Almond Cream first and then the Rhassoul massage. Or work up the Rhassoul lather in your hands and skip the direct application. The idea is our products and programs give you the ability to customize the Rhassoul treatment to your skin's particular and changing needs.

Rinse thoroughly with a washcloth or with splashes of water. Take three times as much time for rinsing as compared to what you took for lathering. Now rinse with a blast of hot water. That's the hot shot. Now follow it with a blast of cold, freezing water. Do this four times. Always end with the cold rinse. Blot damp ... not dry ... with a soft towel; vigorous rubbing with coarse material aggravates and tugs at your skin.

Using the Only Face Feed, place three light dots on any dry areas on each cheek, one each on forehead and chin, and four on your neck and any other dry spots. Skip any oily areas or breakouts!! Now lightly finger-tap the dots into your skin with your fingertips. You're not looking for penetration here so don't try for coverage. You'll catch the blank spots next time. Allow it to penetrate for 60 seconds. The Only Face Feed got its name from the fact that it’s a feed … not a moisturizer. Only Face Feed contains only the finest, most exquisite rare plant oils, oils known to be rich in phyto-nutrients the skin needs. Our Only Face Feed contains: 100% all-natural oils of emu, avocado, sea buckthorn berry pulp, calendula Co2, St. Johnswort Co2, borage seed, rosehip, sweet almond, vitamin e, vitamin a. It also contains essential oil of frankincense, known to be helpful with wrinkles. As its name suggests, it feeds your skin, replenishing lost vitamins, trace minerals and other nutrients.

Now take the Pore Seal, carefully apply an amount the size of a very small pearl! Dot that all over any dry areas on your face and neck blend in. Again skipping oily/breakout areas. Because we use no fillers, chemicals or synthetics our products go a very long way. Don't overuse them. Remember, a small pea-sized pearl is all you'll need. And if it feels too heavy, thin it with Rose Petal Toner! I also like to mix my foundation with Pore Seal for the perfect tinted moisturizer!!

See details Rhassoul Deep Action Core 5-Piece All-Natural Skin Care System

The Rhassoul Core 5-Piece All-Natural Skin Care System polishes your complexion naturally. A unique 2-layer lather system, exfoliates and remineralizes to eliminate dry skin, blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores and acne scars, oily skin, uneven texture and discolorations due to sun damage.

See details Rhassoul 10-In-1 Natural Anti-Aging System, Instant Results! Long-Term Skin Vitality!

This potent skin renewal system of 2 bars delivers 10 benefits that usually require a cabinet full of products -- makeup remover, cleanser, scrub, peels, masks -- to achieve. It's the quick and easy at-home alternative to a costly & lengthy in-office microdermabrasion skin exfoliating procedur...

See details Only Face Feed

A Nourising Roll-On with Emu, Avocado Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2, Borage Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E T50.

See details Only Pore Seal & Protect

100% Pure Plant Formulas*, Biodegradable, All Natural.

See details Rose Petal Toner

100% Pure Plant Formula, Biodegradable, All Natural

See details Prairie Oat Mint Exfoliating Complexion Bar

100% Pure Plant Formula, Biodegradable, All Natural

See details Almond Cream Daily Complexion Bar

This is another one of DayBreak Lavender Farm's best-selling complexion bars! Some customers say it reminds them of Jergen's lotion ... ahhh, I loved that lotion.

See details Rhassoul 10-In-1 Natural Anti-Aging Bar, Instant Results! Long-Term Skin Vitality!

Rhassoul Clay exfoliates and polishes your skin to a flawless finish. 33% shea butter nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Now offering the Rhassoul Mini -- A Starter System
Want to try The Rhassoul Polish? This opti...

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