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DayBreak Lavender Farm

See details 100% Organic Culinary Lavender For Cooking

Along with our FREE Lavender Cooking Guide, you get lavender you can use two ways ... 3/4 of an ounce of whole buds plus 3/4 ounce of ground buds. (That’s a lot more than it sounds! Think 3/4 of an ounce of feathers!)

See details Dark Chocolate Lavender Truffle Mix

DayBreak's Dark Chocolate Lavender Truffle Mix ... well, this is food become entertainment!! Whip up a batch of our Dark Chocolate Lavender Truffles, pass them with the care you would lavish on diamonds and then watch as grown men and strong women swoon, collapse, go weak in the knees, or merely ...

See details Dark Haute Chocolaat

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Mix...
Dark Hot Chocolaat!
Thick, Velvet-y Whipped Cocoa!
Marie Antoinette's Chocolicious Treat!
But ooooo doesn't do it justice. This is beyond "Oooooooooo!

See details Daybreak Tea Sampler Special With Free Tea Infuser

Buy 3 Teas and Your Infuser Is Free!!
When you purchase any three DayBreak teas, you'll receive your choice of a FREE infuser. What a charming gift this makes ... especially if you promise a personal visit with every cup!! There are few infusers to pick from!

See details Gourmet Dark Chocolate Lavender Torte Mix

Insanely rich!! 7 ounces of superb chocolate. Beautiful in Bundt pan. Or a 9 inch torte pan. Finish with the powdered sugar over a doily and you have a Five Star gourmet restaurant dessert fit for a King ... or your very dearest friends and family!!

See details Gourmet Salt Trio

Three spectacular seasoned salts tgive new life tnew and classic recipes!! Veggies, roasts, stews!! All breathe new life intcottage cheese making low calorie lunches a brand new treat!!

See details High Tea Hamper

Housed in our Country French Servicing Tray

See details Jelly, Jam & Conserve Trio

Jelly! Jam! And Conserve, Oh My!! The Very Best From Daybreak!!

See details Lavender Flower Mini Scone Mix

This blue-ribbon scone recipe won DayBreak's 2006 Lavender Cookoff! Fresh from the oven, we love these as mini-scones, three-biters that prompt the hostess to admonish guests: 'Take two they're small!' Watch as these become the stars of your next dinner, brunches, buffet or high tea!!

See details Lavender Infused Honey

We take the finest honey from Ohio's best apiaries and steep each batch for 24 hours with DayBreak's organic Lavender Blend of Provence and Maillette. Swirl in a teaspoon for the ultimate cup of tea, iced or hot!

See details Lavender Perfumed Sugar

For DIY'ers who want to bake from scratch, we created a special Lavender Perfumed Sugar you can use in anything from Lavender Sangria (just use a really crisp white!) to a Lavender Ice Cream. And everything inbetween ... like Lavender Apple Scones!! And included is a FREE pamphlet of our favor...

See details Lavender Tea Cake Cookie Mix

This is a classic butter cookie perfumed with Lavender. It began when the petit fours-sized tea cakes we serve at our Open House became so popular that Ohio customers we clamoring for mix they could make. So, we've put together a mix will fill your kitchen with the amazing perfume of lavender...

See details Organic Herbal Teas

Our Organic Herbal Loose Teas are available in 4 delicious and fragrant blends: Organic Lavender Green Tea, Jasmine Pearl Tea, Kyoto Rose Petal & Cherry Blossom Tea, and Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea.

See details Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt!! Taste The Bonfire! The Natural Way to add authentic Smoked Flavor to your cooking!

See details Taste of DayBreak Gift Basket

The DayBreak Gourmet bring you the Taste of DayBreak.
DayBreak's Gourmet department is in high creative gear. And they have gathered all our gourmet goodies in one stunning, beautiful gift basket: The Taste Of DayBreak!!

See details Tea Infusers

Infusers for our Teas!

See details Tres Chocolaat Ecstasy Trio

with Organic Hand-Picked Lavender
We know you are chocolate-worthy? If you're contemplating this as gift, are they?? Because this is the Mount Everest of Dark Chocolate. The pinnacle of dark chocolatey-ness!!

See details Ultimate Lavender Gourmet... A Taste of Provence

Ultimate Lavender Gourmet ... A Taste Of Provence
"Best Gourmet Gift Basket!" Scene Magazine's "best Of Cleveland Issue", 2006

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