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DayBreak Lavender Farm
customer testimonials

Our valued customers have the nicest things to say about our products and service. This praise speaks volumes about the care and love that goes into every one of the products we sell. We've chosen to share a few of these here with you!

These folks wonderful testimonials are their real, true experiences with DayBreak Lavender Farm's products. And we thank them for stepping up and sharing them with us all. But we would like to point out their experiences and statements are theirs and are not based upon any clinical study.
I got all my soap samplers last week and your generous gift bag! I am very happy with my order thank you very much!

Just had to write and tell you how much I appreciate the extra goodies in my order! Most of the stuff in the gift basket I plan to pass along to friends for Christmas, so they can learn what fabulous stuff you make!

Keeping the haute chocolate and chamomile-lavender tea for myself, ha ha! As well as the small tins of Healing Essence and Enfleurage. I put the Enfleurage on my desk at work - it makes a great instant pick-me up. I think I'm becoming addicted, because I keep smearing it all over my hands and smelling them.

As for the Healing Essence - you were right! I never want to be without it! I had a battle with some rosebushes and have been faithfully rubbing this stuff on my scratches. I think it has cut my healing time in half! I've also been using it on my hands, to avoid the "fish-tank" hands I get when cleaning my aquariums. I'm finding myself looking for cuts & scratches, just wanting to use the stuff! I love the way it sinks into the skin. Last night I soaked my feet then slathered it on. Today - soft heels!

I can't wait for my Stepfather to try it out on his psoriasis. I'll let you know that goes. I'm giving the extra one you so kindly sent to a friend who likes to "play rough" with her cat. Both she and her son bear the marks of the cat's telling them "enough!" Her son even ended up in the hospital with an infection (men! refuse to clean and care for their wounds!) I think she is the perfect candidate for your Healing Essence!

I also brought my new mister of Anti-bac atcha to work today. Spraying everything down! I'm a pneumonia survivor (this past February), and just got over a round of bronchitis. I'm doing everything I can to boost my immune system and protect myself from germs. Not only do I want to breath (breathing is GOOD, ha ha!), but I want to avoid those nasty steroids which seem to exacerbate my red face. I'm hoping your stuff will help me stay well AND keep my face happy. :)

Let's see - what else do I love? Everything! I already know I want to order a full-size of F/U. I've been tapping a small amount on the wrinkles under my eyes, then rubbing the leftover on the backs of my hands. Wow! I'm a huge fan of woody scents and this smells amazing. As does the serum from my Calmez-Vous system. And I think it's working! I plan to use it for a full month then leave reviews on your website.

In closing, I just want to say thanks again, and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
I received a gift certificate last spring during the semi-annual pledge drive to support WCPN/NPR. I had never heard of you before, but I was intrigued, so I sent in my pledge and was given a $100 gift certificate. Well, I received my order yesterday, and all I can say is that I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED ! I used the Rhassoul today, along with the almond complexion bar and prairie oat mint moistureizer, and in just one using my skin looks and feels fabulous! I have to keep looking in the mirror -- unbelievable!! I was in the beauty industry for 15 yrs., most recently with an Aveda Concept Salon, and I will tell you and swear that your products are hands-down better than anything Aveda I've ever used. So, thank you once again. You have a customer for life. And rest assured I will tell everyone I know.

Most sincerely, Amy
I'm the world's biggest klutz when it comes to the kitchen and self-inflicted, sheer stupidity injuries. If it's sharp, I'll cut myself. It's it's hot, I'll burn myself. If it's near the floor, I'll trip on it or run into it with a bare foot and break my toe. If it's on the counter, I'll knock it over. I think you get the picture.

So a few weeks ago, I was BBQing and had that thing red hot. It was too hot, in fact, so I had to reach underneath to move the lever that would close the bottom vents. I barely touched the side of the BBQ for what seemed like 1/4 of a second but it was long enough to burn the heck out of my forearm. That smarted something fierce!!

But being an old hand at such injuries, I continued BBQ'ing and finished out the meal, all the while ignoring the searing pain that was pounding away in that nice piece of white char on my arm. I figure it was 1" wide and maybe 2-3" tall. After dinner, I got some aloe and put that on but really, nothing but time was going to help with the burning and pain so I took a few tylenol and went to bed.

I proceeded to ignore it the best I could over the next week and watched in fascination as the burn turned from white to brown and then to a very angry red. This was one super mad burn. However, I was able to ignore it until about 4 days ago - then things changed. The outside started to dry and crack and *that* was pain of a whole new kind. Not being the "let's slap some medicine on that" kinda gal, I decided that what I needed to do was just keep it moist and see if that might help. With that in mind, I pawed through the drawers in my bathroom, discarding one product after another until I happened across a little glass roller bottle. I picked it up, thought about it for a second, and then figured, what the heck!

So I uncapped the Only Face Feed (aka: OFF) and smeared a liberal dose all over the burn which I then covered with a few bandaids so it would allow the OFF to stay on for the maximum amount of time. Let me just say - there is something about applying an ointment to an injury and having that smell so utterly FAB! Non-medicinal. It's psychological, sure, but that sweet scent immediately reduced the pain and left me feeling just a bit better.

The next morning, I took off the bandaids and was shocked. The angry red was now just an upset red. And it was moist - the dry bits were almost completely gone. I showered and then repeated the previous night's ministrations. Same thing for that night and the following morning and night. Now here I am today - just a few days into my OFF protocol and the result is amazing. The angry red has mellowed in a gentle pink. I can see healthy flesh growing and the pain is all but gone. The cracks and dry skin are a distant memory and if I'm not mistaken, I'm going to end up with less of a scar on this (the worst burn I've inflicted on myself to date) than I have on the myriad of other previous burns I've experienced from my lifetime of kitchen catastrophes.

Probably not exactly what this product was meant for, but I don't care! I need a second bottle now to keep in my purse for when I injure myself away from home. Because there are plenty of hot stoves, sharp knives, campfires, skewers, and a whole host of other items upon which I can do bodily harm. Never hurts to have a back up!

- Cherie F. (Maven of Disaster)
Dear Daybreak...I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing Skin Care Analysis wonderful customer service. Thank you for helping me pick out the products that are just right for me. I have only been using them for a few days, but I love the way my face feels. It is so soft, looks alive, is really clearing up (wasn't that bad, but that was fast). I love that I can feel good about what I am putting on my face. Thank you also for the extras that were in my box. I am loving them. Finding you was a God-send. I will be telling everyone about you. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Note from DayBreak: Would you like a FREE Skin Care Analysis? It's fast and fun. Get started here!
The Calmez has been an excellent product for me. I first ordered through Rose while living in New Mexico. I was skeptical when I read that it helped those with rosacea.

I tried prescribed Finecia and Metro Gel, both with limited success. I also purchased many products that claim to cure rosacea with no results.

When using Calmez, I noticed a difference immediately. My red face cleared up in a matter of weeks. Since using your product, several people have complimented me on my great complexion, including my dermatologist!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your fabulous products!

- Kathy G.
Dear Daybreak Lavendar Farm, I want to congratulate you on your microcrystal cream. After admiring your microcrystal cream for a short time I was glad I trashed the good old department store brand. Your creams are priced great and seem to make the overall appearance of acne scarring less noticible, smoother, and healthier. I have been so ecstatic about your microcrystal cream that I am planning on letting my family and friends try them also. I am sure they will love them too and appreciate how great they make their overall confidence go up and their affordability.

I would like to spread the word about your products so that others may know a great skincare company they can rely on. What is the best way I can give you good publicity, any websites, blogs, or store comment cards you prefer? I am recently out of work and would love to splurge with your products. Would you happen to have any complimentary samples? My family & I will be really let down if we don't have your products on hand for the upcoming season. Regardless, we love you guys & keep up the great work! Have a happy & healthy year, Amy in NJ
Yes I have been wanting to get back with you to tell you i am VERY impressed with the products. At first I wasn't sure I could handle the rose scent since I am not very found of the scent. But I have learned to like it and now i hardly notice it.

The products make my skin feel good to touch and just feel good instead of hot and red! I did wonder if my skin was just trying to get used to the new product thus the reason I was breaking out more. I really really wanted these products to work but I was expecting it not to. I am glad I am wrong

I really like what they are doing for me .IT IS AMAZING! I feel everyone should know about this secret.......IF people knew how good this stuff was......... I can't imagine. I did read the newsletter where Woman's world(?) magazine is interviewing Jody? That is great news....

I hope more people find out about this. THe product is so simple and no chemicals but what it is achieving for me amazing..thanks again..

- Laura in CA
Y'all are just great! Can ya tell I'm anxious to try more of your products! The delay wasn't really long.....its just the other order came so fast I was afraid it might have gotten lost. Now that would've been tragic! I just love the quality of your products and how my skin is responding to them. I'm a nut for Sandlewood and yours is the best I've smelled since I lived in Hawaii. I keep spraying the Vodka spray all over me and around the room.....its so heavenly.

So.....its a complement that I'm so worried about my order. Can't wait to try more. In fact, I'm saving for my next purchase already. I want to try the "Hot Rocks Anti-Aging " set. It sounds yummy! All the descriptions of your soaps make me drool. Makes me wish I had more money and an extra body to wash! Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for getting my order out today. Can't wait to get it!

Thanks again - Constance

Your products are absolutely the finest most awesome products possible. Superior products. I originally thought your products to be a little expensive BUT when I see the results and how LONG the products last - I know I am getting a great deal!

I really mean it when I say I love your products. I am 61 years old and everyone thinks I am 40! Tthanks to you!

- Marianne in Ohio
LOVE your products! I look forward to visiting your location in Streetsboro. I first found you at Crocker Park, Westlake farmers market. Then, again in Olmsted Falls store location.

Thank you for all the time you've spent to create awesome products.

- Janell in Ohio
A little over a week ago I went ass over tea kettles on my bike. Ego most severely wounded as I did it in front of a whole host of people, but I had a nasty gash on my right thigh plus five little holes right below the gash that were made by the teeth on the chain gear. It was ugly.

Well, I picked myself up and climbed back on the bike and rode around looking for garage sales. Finding none, I went back to the cottage and cleaned myself up. Actually, that's when I found the gash above the little holes. It looked bad.

Anyway, my first-aid kit, which always starts out with Neosporin, also contains your superb Superb Healing Essence. I've been using it every day since I fell.

Today the last of the scabs fell off. I can't believe it. I doubt there will be a scar. But I just wanted you to know that it is truth in advertising.

- Sarah in Akron

I have to thank you or rather my skin does because I read [a] review about [your] 8 hour dry skin lotion and the oil face cleaner, so I ordered some. My skin has not felt this nice in well NEVER! I have been battling such dry skin after my hysterectomy and nothing has helped. I no longer have that super tight dry looking skin. So for that I thank you!
My face is the biggest improvement, I can't stop touching it because it feels so good.
I don't know if I have the correct e-mail address or not but I wanted to let you know that I received my order today and started using your products. I was so excited to get a couple little samples, but most of all I was thrilled to use the soap bar for dy skin on my sweet little toddler. He has had horribly dry, patchy skin this season, and I am sure the weather change and addition of using our heater has added to his condition. I used this on him in the tub, then used a couple dots of face feed on his rough cheeks and followed with the seal and protect over his face and rough patches on his body. On the most dry areas, I used the healing essence. I have only used it ONE TIME and already his skin feels soft and supple again. I am going to order more of your products tonight to ensure I have enough for both him and me... I am so impressed! Just wanted to let you know.

- Amy in Georgia
p.s. I ordered on Friday and got my order today- Monday. Super fast shipping! I was surprised to get the box today but so happy!!!
Hello. I am probably not your typical customer. I am a big burly man that rides a Harley and is in the military. However, I do like being clean and smelling good, something that is not as easy as you may think.... thanks to where I am currently deployed, and the excruciating duration. I found ya'll on google and liked what I saw. I hope that your products are as good as they look, which I'm sure is the case. Thank you.

- W.B. in Iraq
I came to your Christmas Sale as my introduction to your products. I was in the middle of radiation treatment for breast cancer and purchased Calmez-Vous and Healing Essence. I began to use both after my treatment ended in mid-December. I had radiation on the other breast two years ago and it took months before my skin color returned to normal. This morning as I applied Healing Essence again, I realized that I can barely see ANY skin discoloration remaining and my skin feels soft and supple. I am VERY grateful and will be buying this as a gift for everyone I know who has to have this challenging medical treatment!!

- Karen in Cleveland
Dear Jody,
When I opened my package that I ordered from you over the internet, it was like Christmas. Your packaging is beautiful. And, how I appreciated the gift bag and matching tissue! My daughter and I are lovers of anything Sandalwood. I find the Caswell Massey line a little strong so researched on the internet and went back to your site several times before deciding to order from you and save some gas driving around looking for anything Sandalwood - she specifically asked for anything Sandalwood for her birthday July 1.

If your product is half as good as your packaging, I will be back. I tried your sample soap "Calm" this morning and it was wonderful.

Thank You,

Dear Jody,
I came to your open house a couple of weeks ago and just want to tell you how much I love all the new products I purchased. I have used the soaps and creams in the past but tried quite a few of the complexion products and can't believe the difference in my skin. I have developed a little problem with rosacea and the calmez-vous oat cleanser is my new favorite. I love the way it slightly exfoliates and smooths my skin. I also purchased the frankincense/emu oil and use it at night - what a difference. I think this is the product that has calmed the rosacea. I noticed it with the first application. I also use the squalane and the 8 hour moisture. I have had no breakouts from any of the products, which is rare for me. Thank you so much for making this wonderful line of skin care. I hope you are developing some new products for the face - I just can't get enough!!

Like every other wonderful thing that has ever happened to DayBreak, it all begins with a wonderful customer. In this case, Pamela Phillips who just happens to be a wildly talented makeup artist and one of her shows is Las Vegas, the NBC hour-long drama on Friday nights.

Pamela is familiar with all DayBreak systems. And she was one of the first to play with the Rose Otto-based Calmez Vous when I brought it out. The superbly calmative effect of Rose Otto is the secret ingredient in this wonderful healing system

Well, Pam passed it along to Cheryl. And she wrote me last night that Cheryl -- her-exquisitely-beautiful-self -- says …
The Calmez Vous System has really made a difference in my skin. It has really calmed the redness.
Cheryl Ladd

Now I can't imagine this beauty having a single skin issue but I can imagine that her environment … hot studio lights, lots of makeup on lots of makeup off every day and a dry California climate could create some for her. Not mention golf!! And Cheryl is one great golfer!!

Any which way, I am so pleased that Calmez could bring any measure of delight to this talented artist. If you visit her website – you'll see what a giver-backer this caring star is supporting ChildHelp and the USO. And from the shot I saw it looks like she actually entertained our troops on a USO tour.

So I send my deepest thanks to Pam and to Cheryl … your support of DayBreak and Calmez Vous is just so encouraging!!

Calmez Vous is right for Cheryl.
But is Calmez Vous right for you?
Fill out your own personalized Skin Care Profile and find out!!

Lovelights-WOW! WOW! WOW!

I received my package today with the lovelights set. Jody, this is such an awesome idea. I don't know who came up with it, but tell them thank you from me! The candle is fabulous! I have always been a sandalwood lover, but this candle takes it to the next aroma level-so mellow and sensual. Does the Mysore Sandalwood soap have this same fragrance? If it does, I know what my next purchase will be. For those who have seen this product and wondered how it works-all I can say is you really, really need to buy one and try this for your self. I simply could not believe how fast the product absorbed into my skin and how marvelously soft those areas now are. This would make a great wedding gift or a gift for a woman who just had a baby. I always like to give a feminine gift to the Mom-so she can pamper herself when she has a spare moment.

To be completely honest with you, I am not so much a fan of straight Lavender. But the Lavender Mint soap and bath melt are very, very nice. I never would have imagined that combination together but what a delight they are. It's simultaneously relaxing and uplifting. For anyone who has not seen one of Jody's bath melts-one word- HUGE!! It was the same size as the bar of soap! I have a 40 mile bike ride this Saturday, so I'm saving this for long soak that night.

Now that I've written the forum equivalent of War & Peace, let me just finish with this...we see the phrase "Spa Quality" used a lot now a days. It's become cliche, and frankly I don't put a lot of stock in it when I see it now. Daybreak Lavender Farms is the exception to that. Jody, you truly do make the most lavish products. The quality is evident the moment you open the package, touch the products, inhale the beautiful aromas. But the proof is in the results. From your fabulous skin care to your body care, your motto could not be more true. Thank you for caring about and being so passionate about what you do.
- Dianne

You are a GENIUS!! I tried the new Black Velvet & Hot Rocks Anti-Aging therapy last night. I think the Primer Plus is going to be my new favorite, it's like magic. I applied some primer before applying my foundation this morning, and guess what? No big ugly expression wrinkles on my forehead. Where did they go? I can see fine wrinkles there but the large ones appear to be gone. Can I have a bottle for my entire body? I'll definitely need more info on these products. I think New York will love it!
Thanks, Phyllis

I LOVE the Masque. It's amazing. Smells SO good and feels even better. I used it today in the shower for the first time and wow - amazing. I think I'll be buying a bar for my mom for Christmas. Plus, I'll be getting these for me every 2months. I figure once a week is a nice treat to ME!

And then, the Squalane? Awesome. My sensitive skin LOVES this. I've used it last night and now again this morning. I'll definitely be using this from now on as well! And guess what else Mom will be getting? ;) Thanks thank thanks!

This is the 2nd Sat. I have used the MicroCrystals. Doing the Fit Face system of Rhas, plus POM after......FF and Pore S&P. This is such a fabulous system for Sat. a.m. After doing my regular regimen with DAYBREAK through the week, The Microcrystals are like the icing on the cake! I can't believe how wonderful this makes my skin look. I am going into 4th week of DayBreak product use and can't imagine wanting to use anything else. I am happy with these products. Every one of them.

I've noticed many improvements.. My face is so clear and smooth that it surprises me every time I catch a glimpse in a store window or a mirror. Every blackhead on my nose is gone except one and I expect it will vacate soon! I always had awful blackheads just on my nose. I had some milia that came and went...even using the products, but now, blessedly, there are only 3.....count 'em......3! The most obvious thing is the RADIANCE everyone describes. Healthy looking skin is a great asset.

And now for body products: I've been using the Dry Skin Duo.....alternating with the Shea....and the most wonderful product I've used on body skin: The Rhassoul Sugar Spa Treatment! I have had such dry, flakey skin on arms, legs. These body products are THE BEST.....and I've tried tons of body products for my dry skin. I had some scaly stubborn scaly patches and brown spots.....just gone. I love the Emu Oil that Jody offers and the Rose/Rhas gentle cleanser is also a new favorite. I will be trying/using many more things from DayBreak.

Thanks for SUCH great formulations and QUALITY.
Jeflin in Atlanta

Wow, thank you very much for the Rosemary V.S.O.P! It really is special...the scent is so subtle and complex, I love it!

It's such a pleasure doing business with you folks. Everyone there is so friendly, and you all care so much about the quality of your products. That's a rare find in today's world, and I, for one, am very appreciative.

Best regards,

Hi Jody,

I received my order yesterday and Wow, I had Christmas in July!

Everything was just lovely and you said it correctly - I could see an improvement in my face with the first use and it feels so wonderful and soft & moist with the first application of the Hydration Perfect also. Thank you so much for the free gift and samples.

Again, I have to say that I am soooo glad that I found you and your magic skin care "goodies". You are just a Magic person and really know your "stuff" I have looked for eons for someone with the care products which your store is filled with.

I see so many of your wonderful personal care products which I will eventually just have to have. I divided my shampoo bar and gave half to my son who makes his home with me. He has problems with sebaceous cysts on the top of his head and I believe using the Rhassoul shampoo bar will help with this problem.


Dear Jody,

I ordered from your company last year and I really tried to like your products. I don't know what I was doing wrong. I have oily skin that is very sensitive and I remember breaking out. This year I retried them out of desperation. I am very pleased. I have been using them again for two weeks. My skin looks great and no zits. That is not even the best part. I have been told by one doctor that I have xanthomas. A different doctor told me it was just clogged pores. Whatever it is, Rhassoul has helped so much! After only one use, I could barely see the xanthoma spots (or whatever they are). Thanks,
Nancy LuAnn Grasso

Just wanted to tell you that I am LOVING all my new soaps. That Madgasger Rosemary & Clove is so yummy. Thanks for all the samples as well.

Jody ,

I wanted to write you and tell you how amazing the Rhassoul and Almond Cream have been for me.

I purchased these last year. I did start to use them but had some health issues and I forgot about them. They have been tucked in a bag in my drawer. I pulled them out 2 weeks ago and have been using them everyday. My skin is incredible! I'm 45 years old and people have been telling me how good I look. Several have said my face is glowing which I can see also. For the first time in my life I could go with just a bit of concealer and look good.

What is truly amazing is that this has been a very stressful time in my life. My husband has just recently found a job after being unemployed for almost a year. We are also getting ready to send our oldest to Costa Rica for a semester of school. Usually my skin is the first thing to show signs of stress and here I am looking younger and glowing!

I just thought I would let you know how very pleased I am and I think it might be time to add face feed and Pore seal & Protect but I'm afraid to mess with a good thing. I will read up on these two and possibly add those.

Thank you very much for such wonderful products,
Paula Profeta

I've loved my fit face system ... I glow and I'm a grandma!
- B.K., Des Moines, IA

My best friend turned me onto your products. She handed me a piece of rhassoul and POM and kept harrassing me: "Have you tried it yet? What do you think?!" until I tried it just to calm her down. Lo and behold---I LOVED IT!!!

I am now turning other friends and my sisters onto you. I received my order yesterday--thank you so much. I used the rhassoul-oat-rose Calmez-vous cleanser and the serum last night--I am already in love!

You are the best, thank you so much for giving us a choice in such a chemical-driven world! Your products ROCK! Now I must order some body products! I sense an addiction coming on......:)
- Laura in Santa Clarita, CA

By the way, if I haven't already said this.I just love your soaps! My daughters do too! 23 and 6 years old and they both gather around at face washing time! These are by far the best soaps I've ever used. Perfect in every way. My daughter is studying to be a master herbalist and I'm an amateur aromatherapist. So we have a real appreciation for your products. You are a very talented lady and your products tell the story. Anyway, thanks a bunch for making them available and please if you ever stop give us some warning so we can stock up for the rest of our lives!!
- D.S. in California

Jody, Just a little note to tell you how enjoyable Daybreaks Open House was. I looked forward to it all year--especially since I missed the spring one.

Internet ordering on your site is good (especially for someone like me who is not to computer literate)....but seeing the products in person is the best. Smelling, touching.....oooooooo so wonderful.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... your products are simply the best anywhere. It feels really good to have people compliment my skin (and it's 57) and ask what I use. I wouldn't use anything else. Thank you for making your products pure and giving good value for our money as well. It's nice to see a company with such should be very proud. And I'm so glad I found Daybreak!

Have a great holiday season and God Bless.

Hello, everyone...

I just had to share an experience with you, something that happens when you make a colossal mistake and decide to mess with something that's working well, and muck everything up in the process simply because you're curious...adventurous...or just plain stupid!

As all of you who have read my posts know, I'm a 42 (almost 43; B-day's on Saturday--Eek!) year old woman who has had bad acne all her life. I added rosacea and sensitive skin to the acne in my 30's (why not?!), and was "saved" by Jody's rhassoul/POM duo alternating with the fabulous Calmez-vouz line. My skin never looked better. I even won a contest or two extolling the virtues of these wonderful products. So--why am I writing? Because I had a complete brain spasm and in the process, learned a very valuable lesson.

Let me explain: With the cold, dry weather came drier, more sensitive skin. I cut back on the rhassoul, and switched from POM to the almond cream, which is a bit more hydrating. Alternated this with my Calmez Vouz as usual; everything was great. Somewhere between the cutting back on rhassoul and now, though, something strange happened. I decided to try some new skin care products, just "throw them in" and mix 'em all up in a skin care stew! Why? Because I'm an idiot!

You can guess what happened. My skin started breaking out again with a vengeance. My rosacea manifested itself in glowing, ruddy cheeks that would rival Rudolph's nose. In spite of the oiliness and acne, my skin started peeling off in sheets. Two weeks into my meddling, I had horrible skin again. Period.

I whined about it to my best friend (the one who gave me my first piece of rhassoul and POM to begin with), and she gently asked me what I was using, and wondered why I strayed from my Daybreak regimen. I had no good answer, and realized in that instant what a mess I'd made.

After dressing myself down in the worst way, I threw away the new crap I had added to my routine, and went back to my Daybreak routine. It took about two weeks (the same time it took to completly mess my skin up!), but I am back to beautiful, clear, balanced skin. Thank goodness the rhassoul gods were so forgiving!!

So---my advice to everyone is: If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!!! There's a way to "tweak" your routine in response to weather and other changes in your life without going so far off course that you end up right back where you began! I can only blame a momentary lapse of reason (and that pre-menopausal brain I keep hearing about....).

My beloved grandma Annie May used to advise me when I was doing crafts as a little girl not to "gild the lily." In other words, know when to stop, and sometimes simpler is better, less is more. I guess I can chalk this up to another valuable life lesson, and believe me, I will NEVER stray so far again!!!

Thanks Jody---I appreciate your products even more than I did before, and that's about 810 %!!!!!

i just got my order of rhassoul, POM,( my 3rd order... those darn pieces keep dissapearing!) shea, and the wonderful gift tucked inside, the pink grapefruit wedge.... OH MY. i am so in love with everything that has come from daybreak! i'm becoming an addict, lol! i was trying to find excuses to go smell my soaps, and wash my hands!

i thought i would be perfectly content with my amazing rhassoul, but now i want more more more!

i never was a 'soap person', and my mother in law gives me like 15 bars of soap every couple months or so ( i don't know how she thinks i could possibly use all of it) and they're all SO NASTY!!! really, i think she think's they are 'designer soaps' or something, but i end up throwing them all out... they are so harsh and drying on my skin and smell GROSS! anyway, i know now that i AM a soap person, i just never found the right soaps!
- J.S. in Illinois

Dear DayBreak, I have to tell you, and I know I've said it before, your products are the very best I've ever used. I have been using up (on my feet!), disgarding or passing on any products I've had that are not yours. It surprises me to that some of the so called "natural" products that you see in the market place are not so natural at all. It was my lucky day when I walked into Natural Skin Remedies and found your products. Thank you for having the phone number on them so I could call you!

What is also appreciated is the value for money spent. I've told so many people about your products and hope they too will check out Daybreak. My skin has never looked so good and I want to keep it that way...after all at 57 and counting I want all the help I can get! Never in my entire life have I looked forward to washing my face until now. So, I thank you and my skin thanks you for making such good skin care products and wonderful fragrances.

Have a great day and I look forward to getting my skin care program. I'm also looking forward to your fall open house, especially since I was out of town for the spring one....any idea when it will be?

Jody, You'll be getting a note, thanking you for my soap. I said, I truly wish I could find a way to thank you. Today, I cut my beautiful bar into 3 pieces and gave them to people who would enjoy, too, then, xeroxed the 4 page flyer and gave/sent it to friends, and yesterday, presented both jars at book club, and gave everyone a dollop of lavender lilac and shea butter. My daughter is visiting and I made up samples to take back to Cincinnati! You will be getting orders.

Jody, I truly admire you--a creative entrepreneur. Your success will be grand because you are coming by it honestly. Quality products are rare...products that do what they say they do. Your promises are cogent. I'd rather have clear, clean, fresh skin than tons of make-up. I did my grocery shopping at Avon's Heinen's today and found Prairie Oat and used it on top of another soap I have around here and my face feels pretty good. Next big purchase in a week or 2, will be the Rassoul and the other products that compliment your treatment system. With what I bought today and the 2 jars, I have to slow down, but I'm sure you'll be there.

Ideas for Placing Product: Decidedly Different in Vermilion, (440.967.4664--590 North Main Street-44089.) quality products, --feel free to use my name--they sold my fibre art/scarves last Christmas--good folks. Charles Scott in Rocky River carries boutique soaps, gels, etc..--333-7994 19025 Old Lake Road, Rocky River 44116. I do artsy knitting but --I'm really an adjunct prof-CSU and LCCC.

May Day Break Lavender Farms be graced with light and prosperity!

The shea butter is rich. Can it be refrigerated? Will it keep longer? I'm thinking of finding another container and transfering small amounts. Love your smile.
- J.H in Ohio

I received my Rhassoul and Prairie Oat Mint Soap. I tried it last night and LOVE it! My husband was even feeling my face and saying how soft my skin felt and looks. That was after just one use. I used it again this morning. Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I saw where Mustard Seed in Akron carries your products, so I plan to go there and pick up some more items. Thanks! :)
- Karen Edwards

Hi Jody! My name is Heather. I am a "lurker" on the T-Tapp website. I read about your amazing soaps on the thread started by "Gramma K". I was one of the fortunate ones that ordered early (mid May). First off, I would like to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my soaps!!! I have the rhassoul and prairie mint. I also ordered the L'Orangerie soap as well, although I haven't used it yet. Do I use the orange one for the body? I'm not sure why I haven't opened that one yet since I can't get enough of the other two. And like "Gramma K" said how she likes the prairie mint oat scent so much, I, too, will just pick it up and smell it whenever I'm at the sink!! MMM, heavenly!! Did I mention I love them! LOL

Anyway, I would like to order three orders of the rhassoul/ prairie mint combo. I would like to pass out some samples to the women in my family and a few friends. I figure three orders should just about cover everyone. I want them to share in this experience, too! I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for such wonderful products!
- Heather in California

Hi Jody - First I must thank you for your wonderful products - you are an amazing woman. I'm so thankful to have found them. I have been using the Fit Face System, I love it all and am having amazing results. I find I'm using my other products less and less - Alloette product similar to Strivectin but made for the face - and also copper peptides - and Miracle 2/Masters Miracle products. I have also been using the regime on my hands - and WOW!!! My skin is loving it.

I am 57 yr. old - have a few broken cappilaries, some breakouts at times, a few lines around eye area, noticing firmness not as good, combinaiton skin in the summer and dry in the winter. But I have also noticed a dramatic improvement using DayBreak's Fit Face System. My hubby really likes the little roll (Face Feed) on also so must re-order that too!

I'm very happy and excited to be using your healthy and pure products and seeing such awesome results as well! True story - we went to a concert and my 22 yr. old son was there - I went over to say "Hi" to his group and those who hadn't met me thought I was his girlfriend - honestly. :) Thank you Jody!!! You're awesome!
- L. A. Mpls. MN

Hi Jody. I wanted to tell you that I am so in love with my Fresh Lavender Body Silk lotion. Everytime someone came over I would have them try your lotion and tell them how scrumptous it is to use every day. Well so when Christmas came I got an absolute TON of lavender lotion from every name body, bath store and beyond...literally I had so much I put some in storage. Well I ran out of my beloved Lavender Body Silk and thought 'well I had better use what I got for Christmas, I can't just let it go to waste. So I took out what I thought was the best of the best that I got and I was in mourning. It was not near what your lotion was and I finally decided, I didn't care I was going to call you and place my order for my Lavender Body Silk lotion from you. The others just couldn't cut it any more.

I was so glad I called because I caught you making a fresh batch of lotion. It came in the mail days after my order and it was so unbelievably fresh and wonderful. Thank you so very much. I love a lot of your products but this is by far my favorite.
- Jacquie, Beachwood, OH

Dear Mrs. Slyker, My mother bought your Rhassoul soap for me and it really is the bomb! I took one of the pieces to school. I keep it in my locker and at recess -- my face is really oily by recess -- I run to the ladies room, use it and I don't get oily again until I get home in the afternoon. I feel so much better. All my friends want some. I hope it's okay I gave them your email.
- Chrissy, 15

Dear Jody, Wow! What products!! What service! What an experience. Thank you for sending such great stuff. We love it.
- John, Vista, CA
Hi Jody, I recieved the package last Friday, sorry I took so long to write back and thank you. I'm using my Every Good Thing soap and love it. I can't believe how much I missed the Face Feed. Thanks Again Jody!
- Bea

Dear Jody, I purchased quite a bit of your product at a stand you had set up at Great Northern Mall over the winter. I gave a tub of the pure shea butter to my mother and she absolutely loves it! I would like to get my hands on a few more to give as gifts in the next week. I'm visiting relatives and your product would be a perfect hostess gift!
- Suzanna

I bought your Rhassoul face soap and Lavender Soap Souffle at the Chagrin Falls Art Show and I love it. My skin has never felt so smooth. Is it an exfoliant? Should I put moisturing cream on underneath? What about the moisturizer you sell? Is that a body lotion? What other art shows will you be showing at?
- Ellen
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