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DayBreak Lavender Farm
VIP customer reward points

If You Are Already Registered

If you are already a registered customer in our store, congratulations! You're earning points with every purchase! Just use this Login button to earn points on your next purchase.


If You Are New To Daybreak, Here’s How To Set Up Your VIP Account

Just register using this button and when you login with your account you'll earn points on any purchases.


More About Customer Reward VIP Points

If a company is very lucky, it is blessed with individuals who are more than customers … they are patrons, cheerleaders, passionate advocates, powerful players in their community whether online or locally.  DayBreak is blessed with more than its share of these wonderful people.  You have made us what we are today … the Internet's fastest growing natural products personal care company. So to thank you – all of you – today we launch The DayBreak V.I.P. Club which in this case V.I.P. stands for Very Important Persona.

If you are new to our website and store, you'll need to register in order to be eligible to earn points, use the Wish List feature, speed up your check-out process, and have access to current and past order history. Please visit the Register page if you'd like to register. (Registration is not required to place an order at DayBreak Lavender Farm.)

If you are already registered, you will earn points. There is no need to register again or for a separate account. You're good to go!

Once you are registered, you will have an account that will earn you VIP Points with every DayBreak purchase you make. You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent at the DayBreak website. Every every single handcrafted DayBreak product or accessory – no exceptions – will earn 1 (one) point per $1 (dollar) spent. For every 10 points you earn, your VIP Account will be credited with $1.00. That means when you are shopping for gifts, your account stash is growing. You can save up these points and splurge on that special something you've been wishing for or spend them to lower the cost of every purchase. Or both. This is the equivalent of a permanent – 24/7/365 – 10% Sale, all day and every day!!

Your VIP Club Points never expire and are a cinch to use! You will automatically see your point balance once you Login. It is located in your account area in the upper menu as well as within your account update screen. When you check out, you will again see your VIP Points and can decide whether to spend or save them.

Please note: Points earned in an order cannot be redeemed for the same order.

Didn't earn points in an order? No worries! You will – here's a quick peek at how the process works…
  1. You place an order and go to checkout.
  2. If you are paying via ANY OTHER METHOD OTHER than Paypal or a DayBreak Lavender Farm Gift Certificate, your points will be awarded once your order is processed and payment is received (mailed in payment) or approved (credit card).
  3. If you are paying via Paypal, since payment is done on the spot, your order is now complete and points will be awarded immediately.
Points are only awarded upon COMPLETED orders – orders that are paid in full. All other payment methods other than Paypal require processing. Once this is done, points will be awarded. So please don't worry – as long as payment is approved/made, you'll get those points you've earned!

We love all our customers and DayBreak's VIP Club is our way of saying thank you for all you've done for our small but exploding company.  It's you guys that are causing the explosion and we wanted to thank you for caring – and sharing – DayBreak Lavender Farm and with your family, friends and colleagues. 

Enjoy your VIP status, your passion for DayBreak has meant everything in the world to me, now it will mean money in the bank for you! Congratulations, it's taken a while to work out the details but today, it is my pleasure to bring you this exciting new program.

With love and thanks,
Jody, Lisy and the entire DayBreak Customer Care Team
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