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Kathy G after shot

The Calmez has been an excellent product for me. I first ordered through Rose while living in New Mexico. I was skeptical when I read that it helped those with rosacea. I tried prescribed Finecia and Metro Gel, both with limited success. I also purchased many products that claim to cure rosacea with no results.

When using Calmez, I noticed a difference immediately. My red face cleared up in a matter of weeks. Since using your product, several people have complimented me on my great complexion, including my dermatologist! I do not have any before pictures to show you, but here is an after photo.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your fabulous products!

- Kathy G.

See details Calmez Vous For Sensitive Or Rosacea-prone Skin Care from the Soul of the Rose

Balance! Cleanse! Soothe! Chill!
4 Simple Steps To A Cool New You!

Red-faced? No more. Since I started using Calmez Vous, DayBreak's all-natural soothing system that calms unwanted redness & excessive ruddiness while lifting away dull, exhausted skin cells to present an even-toned c...

See details Rose N' Rhassoul Gentle Oat Cleanser, A Handcrafted Cream Deep Cleanser

A gentle but deep cream cleanser for delicate, sensitive, excessively ruddy or rosacea skin types. Calms inflamed complexion, evens skin tone, helps to diminish pain of rosacea flare- ups. Allows sensitive skin to enjoy the benefits of Rhassoul in a cream form.

See details Rose Petal, Sencha Green Tea & Jasmine Balancing Infusion

Feel the instant cool Balancing Infusion imparts! See, and love, it's calming effect. Both Rose and Jasmine are among Mother Nature's most effective calmers. And Green Tea is a well-known anti-oxidant, capturing and neutralizing destructive free radicals before they have a chance to damage ...

See details Calmez Vous Anti-Inflammatory Serum with Sponges

Step Three (Soothe & Sof'n) in the Calmez Vous Fit Face System... Raise your hand if you were traumatized by castor oil as a child? Okay, get over it!! That was then, this is now and you don't have to ingest it! I promise you, you don't want to miss out on a single one of this amazing plant oils ...

See details Calmez's Ultra Lite Spray Moisturizer

Step Four (Chill & Protect!) in the Calmez Vous First Face System for ruddy complexions. The final soothing and calming step is provided by a facial spritz of Ultra Lite Spray Moisturizer which works in several ways at once..

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