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DayBreak Lavender Farm

What is a Blooming Aromasoap? A rich, skin-loving shower bar with an aromatherapy plus! When the heat from shower or bath fills the home spa, this soap’s fragrance "blooms" and forms a beautiful fragrance cloud that scents the entire area. This soap also has a high-lather, moisturizing base.

The secret our Blooming AromaSoaps? Chamomile, Roman and German. Lemon balm. Lemon verbena. The glorious mints...we organically grow 13 different mints, 7 of them heirloom varities. Along with Coriander. Lemongrass. Fennel. Hops. Bay laurel. Lovage. Borage. And of course, Basil, Parsley, the Sages, Rosemarys and Thymes. Our herbal - and botanical - collection owes its depth of scent to this organic garden's bountiful harvest.

I know that to make truly great soap, I must "seat" the scent by fragrancing the olive, rice bran, hemp seed, kukui nut, walnut and many other oils used in our AromaSoaps. Steeping in our cool cellar for 8 weeks, these herb-infused oils are fragrant foundation of our Blooming AromaSoaps!

See details Soap Sampler

Receive a selection of DayBreak's incredible natural soaps! Choose from our AromaSoap Sampler or our Herbal Apothecary Sampler.

See details Fresh Lavender Aromasoap Bar

The classic clean, fresh lavender scent delicately fragranced with imported High Altitude, Bulgarian, French, Grosso and Wild Crafted lavender essential oils balanced with our own secret DayBreak Lavender Blend.

See details Lavender Lilac Aromasoap Bar

If you love lilacs or Spring, you'll love this scent. It's a perfect balance between Lilac's floral sweetness and Lavender's herbal crispness.

See details Lavender Mint Aromasoap Bar

This soap smells like line-dried sheets blowing in the wind! Although it contains a strong blend of Peppermint, Kentucky and Corn Mint essential oils, plus DayBreak's Lavender blend, this soap just smells like clean!

See details Lavender Sage Aromasoap Cakes

Hi Jody here! This is one of my favorite soaps and one the few soaps I still make myself because I love it so much and believe in the concept. It's hand-sculpted (that's my hand doing the molding) to fit your hand. As you can see, it's shaped like a small football with depressions where you finge...

See details Lavender Soap Collection, the Finest in the World

See details Tahitian Garden - Blooming Aromasoap

Think of a walk in a dewy island garden in are surrounded by gardenias, jasmine, mimosas...all the beautiful whiteflowers. Tiny strawberry, cranberry and kiwi seeds add a touch of exfoliation to a beautiful and highly effective sloughing soap.

See details Venetian Pomander - Blooming Aromasoap

Orange And Clove -- A beautiful orange & clove scent that will transport you to 15th Century Venice, the spice capital of the west at that time. The very air of the city is perfumed with orange, clove, myrrh, frankincense, cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise...and so is our soap!

We love, trust and believe in our natural approach.
DayBreak's mission is to increase the use and respect for our herbal and botanical pharmacopeia in all aspects of our lives. The information you find here is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a health care provider, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. Our statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. If you have any questions, or if a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider. The testimonials on this website are from happy, satisfied DayBreak customers but we are all individuals and thus we can not guarantee the same results.
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