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DayBreak Lavender Farm

See details Binchotan Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

The perfect spa or gym bar for him!! This soap's active ingredient is Binchotan, a revered Purifying Japanese Bamboo Charcoal. It is famous in its homeland for its detox and purifying properties. It is used in drinking water, soaking tubs everywhere you want the purest cleansing available.

See details Bye Bye Bugz Odor Eliminator Bath & Body Bar

All-Natural Skeeter, Ticks & Insect Repellant Soap

When guys started asking us to make a Bye Bye Bugz Bath & Body bar, we knew they were on to something. But it wasn’t for them only!!

See details Calendula Petal Cream Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

If skin has a flower friend, it is calendula, the sunny marigold. A gardener's best friend! The perfect gentle body-exfoliator!! Ultra-nourishing shower bar with 33% Shea Butter!

See details Coco Loco Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter & Virgin Coconut Oil

I’ve known you wanted a coconut collection for a long time. But it had to be BEYOND perfect. And this one is … with as much coconut as we could pack into each piece of the collection: Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Cream of Coconut and Virgin Coconut Oil, a rare and very expensive oil. I was de...

See details Jasmine Flower Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

If you are a Jasmine lover, this is your bar!! Glorious Jasmine Floral Wax & Absolute for intoxicating fragrance!! With 33% pure unrefined shea butter for healing and moisture!!

See details Lavender Petals Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

Two skin-loving bars in one! The lavender petals are pure castile, 100% extra-virgin olive oil! The white background soap is our premium shea butter and babassu oil moisturizing formula.

See details Monoi Di Tahiti Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

Crafted with the rare & exotic Monoi di Tahiti oil from Polynesia. The word Monoi means scented oil. It is created by macerating Tiare petals in refined coconut oil for 15 days. At the end of that time, the petals' oil mixture is spread on huge flats of muslin painted with a microscopic layer ...

See details Old Fashioned Rose Bouquet Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

I am fascinated by the challenge of capturing the subtleties of rose. It's floral but woody. It's spicy but green. It is these contradictions that have fascinated perfumers for over a thousand years. And all of the Rose's contradictions are captured in this bar ... but wait, there's so much more.

See details Rhassoul 10-In-1 Natural Anti-Aging Bar, Instant Results! Long-Term Skin Vitality!

Rhassoul Clay exfoliates and polishes your skin to a flawless finish. 33% shea butter nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Now offering the Rhassoul Mini -- A Starter System
Want to try The Rhassoul Polish? This opti...

See details Rhassoul 10-In-1 Natural Anti-Aging System, Instant Results! Long-Term Skin Vitality!

This potent skin renewal system of 2 bars delivers 10 benefits that usually require a cabinet full of products -- makeup remover, cleanser, scrub, peels, masks -- to achieve. It's the quick and easy at-home alternative to a costly & lengthy in-office microdermabrasion skin exfoliating procedur...

See details Sunny Honeysuckle Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

Can you even begin to think about Honeysuckle without seeing clear breezy blue skies, puffy white clouds and "that lucky ol' Sun"? If a scent can be said to be happy, this one is.

See details Ultimate Luxury Body Bar with 33% Shea Butter

Unparalleled luxury meets SkinLoving Silkening! Lather that will make your skin love you!! Silky rich, moisturizing, nourishing, healing!!

See details Vetiver Luxury Bar with 33% Shea Butter

This stunning soap is made from an extract of vetiver obtained from Vetiveria zizanoides L., a grass that can be found in both tropical and subtropical parts of the world -- Java, India, the Reunion Island, Seychelles, Haiti, Angola, Brazil and Japan.

We love, trust and believe in our natural approach.
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